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Dahab sunsetThe community of Dahab is a little gem located on the shores of the Red Sea in Egypt; 90 Km north of Sharm El Sheik on the Sinai peninsula. It is a relaxed peaceful community, filled with breathtaking views, brilliant sunsets, and beautifully colored coral reefs. The local people are kind and inviting…you are very unlikely to find a more welcoming group of people than the local Bedouin. There are few places on earth that posses the combination of beauty that exists in this little desert oasis.

If you are coming freediving in Dahab you are in for an amazing experience. The dive sites in the area offer warm clear water, often more than 20m visibility, and a vast expanse of barrier reefs covering the shorelineBlue Hole-Dahab. The sea is full of marine life, from the smallest to the largest. Large fish spices, turtles, Dolphins, whale sharks, and etc can all be seen in the waters of the Red Sea.

There are many dive sites in the Dahab area, but two are of particular importance and relevance for freedivers. These are the Lighthouse and Blue Hole diving areas. Both sites offer ideal conditions for freediving. The Light House is better suited to shallower divers, while the Blue Hole - with its 90+ meters of depth - provides a good training option for deep divers. Aside from these dive sites there are many others that can be explored. Some must visit sites are the Islands, Canyon, and the Caves. It is also possible to visit some more remote diving areas if you have the time and budget to do so. Abu Galum, Gabriel Bint, and Ras Mohamed are amazing dive sites and should you have the time it is worth the trip.

Aside from freediving, there are many other activities available in Dahab. One of the most popular sports to be found is wind surfing. This is due to the fact that the coastal areas of Sinai deliver consistent, good wind on a regular basis. Out of the water one may also find many activities. There is a Rock Climbing area located not far from town, camel safaris to local valleys or into the deep desert, quad biking, horseback riding, hiking, and etc. Of course you can simply spend your days off out of the water, relaxing at the Light House and enjoy one of Dahab's epic sunsets over the Desert Mountains of Sinai.

Come visit this little seaside owasis and rest assured you will not be disappointed.

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